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WordPress theme setup

Your WordPress theme set up to match the demo you bought (plus, optionally, your content added too)

1. Find your perfect WordPress theme

Need helping deciding? We can help, just ask! New to WordPress? No problem! Get our best advice and tips.

2. Place an order with our friendly staff

We'll set up your website for you, whether you just want it to look like the demo of your theme or you'd like your content added too.

3. Sit back and let us handle everything

Once we have all your logins (and, optionally, content you'd like us to add) we'll set up your new website on your behalf.

In 24 Hours, From $99

WordPress website support

WordPress help when you need it for a fixed fee

We'll keep your WordPress website running fast, securely and looking as good as the day it launched, so you can relax and get on with running your business.

Start Today From $59/month*

*Limited Time (Till 31 Jan 2017)

What people are saying

  • The smartest business decision I've made this year.
    Miranda Packer
  • Quick, responsive, thorough, and smart.
    Kevin Carlson
  • Smooth experience and amazing turnaround.
    Shirley Mendoza
  • Extremely patient and helpful.
    Meera Kothand
  • Amazing and quick work!
    Henry Chen
  • So impressed by your team.
    Bonnie Johnson
  • Worth every penny.
    Malla Haridat

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question not covered here? Just get in touch!

WordPress Theme Setup

Can’t I set up my theme myself?

Absolutely. Theme Valet knows that many people want to and enjoy setting up WordPress themes. Our goal is simply to help those who don’t have the time or desire to do it themselves.

(If you would like to set up the theme yourself and you’re not sure how, contact the shop you brought it from).

Is this secure?

Your password is never shared by Theme Valet and all password data is encrypted and deleted (from our computers) after the job is complete. After we finish we will also send you instructions so you can can easily delete our login to your website (which we recommend).

Do I need to buy a WordPress theme first?

You must own the theme you want us to install. If you’re not sure which theme to buy we’ll gladly give you some recommendations.

Just tell us what you’re looking for over on Twitter or get in touch and we’ll happily help you find the perfect theme.

I’ve bought a theme but I don’t have WordPress set-up yet, what do I do?

Before we start you’ll need to set-up a ‘blank’ WordPress install with a hosting company that supports WordPress. Depending on your needs. We recommend WP Engine for hosting. If you’re not sure how though, we’ll happily advise you.

What’s not included in the theme setup service?
  • The theme! You need to purchase your own copy of the theme for us to set it up. Need a theme recommendation? Just ask!
  • Ongoing support. We’ll be happy to help with any questions you have during the set up of your theme. If you’re looking for an ongoing support though consider signing up for our WordPress website support service too.
  • Copyrighted images. Where images from the demo website aren’t available due to copyright, we’ll use grey placeholder images or alternate images instead.
  • Design. We’re not a design service. So we can’t make a logo for you or advise you on design (sorry about that). But we can do a mean WordPress theme setup.
  • E-commerce set up. If the demo website of your theme includes e-commerce, we’ll happily install and activate the related plugins. However you’ll need to do the actual e-commerce setup (adding products, connecting your site to payment gateways etc).
  • Customisation and code tweaks (in our Theme Setup package). If you need minor tweaks to your theme then check out our Theme & Content Setup package or sign-up for our WordPress website support service instead.

WordPress Website Support

Who is the WordPress website support service for?

We help business owners, bloggers, podcasters and pretty much anyone who has a WordPress website but doesn’t have the time, energy or desire to handle many of the technical aspects themselves.

What exactly does the service provide?

We handle ‘unlimited’ WordPress support requests from business owners and others with WordPress websites for a fixed monthly or yearly fee.

What kind of jobs are supported?

In general we can support any technical task (i.e. not adding or editing content) that can be achieved through the WordPress admin alone in 20 minutes or less, including minor code changes such as tweaking CSS styles. There’s no absolute list of things we can do, but here’s a few common things we help with:

  • Adding and doing basic setup of common plugins and widgets
  • Connecting your site to an email service like MailChimp, Aweber or ConvertKit
  • Tweaking CSS styles
  • Rescuing your site from a ‘white screen of death’ crash
  • Setting up redirects
  • Updating themes, plugins and WordPress itself

If you’re not sure if something is supported or not, just get in touch. You can also read the ‘Anything you won’t do?’ question below this one.

What kind of turnaround can I expect?

We aim to complete all requests within one business day. However if the request requires more clarification or if you submit multiple requests in a short period of time these may take longer.

I thought WordPress was easy, why do I need support?

After a short learning curve, we find that most site owners can easily accomplish common tasks in WordPress such as adding and editing content. However there are still some technical aspects of running a WordPress website (like setting up plugins, making style tweaks, adding scripts etc.) that many websites owners would rather not handle themselves, which is where ThemeValet’s WordPress website support service comes in.

How many requests can I submit at once?

You can submit more than one, but please break them up into separate emails. Please bear in mind that multiple requests may take more than one day to turnaround. If one request is a particular priority, make sure to send that first!

Anything you won’t do?

To be clear, we’re not:

  • a ‘VA’ service (we won’t add or edit content for you)
  • a design service (we can’t make you a new logo)
  • a website hosting service (you’ll need someone else for that)
  • an SEO service (beyond setting up the Yoast SEO plugin with our recommended settings)
  • a replacement web developer (we do basic tweaks only)
  • a consulting service (though you can ask us for a plugin recommendation)
  • and we can only help you with things on your WordPress site itself (which means we can’t login to MailChimp or ConvertKit or LeadPages and do things for you on their websites)

We also reserve the right to refuse any request we feel is not a good fit for what we do or is outside the spirit of our service.

However we always do our best to help when we can, so don’t be afraid to ask!

I have several websites, can I send requests for all of those?

Requests can only be for one website (i.e. one domain, e.g., though if you need the support service for multiple sites you are very welcome to purchase the service for each domain separately.

I hear you also support Rainmaker websites?

We do. Our service for Rainmaker sites is in beta at the moment which means we may change how it works as the service evolves. However if you join now you’ll lock in the same price forever, even if we increase it for others later on. Other than that the guidelines for requests are pretty similar, in other words, we can do small jobs inside the Rainmaker admin on your behalf, as long as Rainmaker itself supports the functionality you need.

What if I want to cancel in future?

No problem at all! We understand that people’s needs change over time.

If you don’t find our support service useful any more just let us know before your next payment is due and we’ll cancel your subscription before you’re billed again.

And, of course, you will continue to have access to our support service up until that date!