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We know there's instructions. We know you could do it yourself. But now you don't have to.

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How does it work?

ThemeValet sets up your WordPress theme for you so it looks exactly like the demo theme you bought (and wanted) without having to mess around with instructions. (We can even add your content too).

Sit back and let us handle everything

  1. You send your order to ThemeValet via the Order page of this website
  2. ThemeValet emails you instructions to give us secure, temporary access to your site
  3. ThemeValet logs in to your website and sets it up to match the demo theme
  4. You're now free to edit the site as you wish, using the demo content as a starting point
  5. (Prefer us to do everything? No problem we can add up to 10 pages of content for you too).


Not sure which option suits you best?
Contact us or ask via our live chat.

‘Just Like The Demo’


  • 24 hour turnaround (from receiving all logins etc)
  • Setup of theme to match the demo layout
  • Installation and setup of our recommended plugins
  • Tutorial videos to show you how to use WordPress

‘Add all my content’


  • 48 hour turnaround (from receiving all logins, content etc)
  • Setup of theme to match the demo layout
  • Installation and setup of our recommended plugins
  • Tutorial videos to show you how to use WordPress
  • Up to 10 pages of content added for you
  • Your logo added to the website (on request)
  • Change theme colours to match your branding (on request)
  • Unlimited content changes in the first 7 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I set up my theme myself?

Absolutely. ThemeValet knows that many people want to and enjoy setting up WordPress themes. Our goal is simply to help those who don't have the time or desire to do it themselves.

(If you would like to set up the theme yourself and you're not sure how, contact the shop you brought it from).

Is this secure?

Your password is never shared by ThemeValet and all password data is encrypted and deleted (from our computers) after the job is complete. After we finish we will also send you instructions so you can can easily delete our login to your website (which we recommend).

Do I need to buy a WordPress theme first?

You must own the theme you want us to install. If you're not sure which theme to buy we'll gladly give you some recommendations.

Just tell us what you're looking for over on Twitter or the live chat box on this website and we'll happily help you find the perfect theme.

I’ve bought a theme but I don’t have WordPress set-up yet, what do I do?

Before we start you'll need to set-up a 'blank' WordPress install with a hosting company that supports WordPress. ThemeValet recommends WP Engine or SiteGround. If you're not sure how though, we'll happily advise you.

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